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Brand Partnership: The 29 States X Willie's Cacao

We're delighted to announce our partnership with multi-award winning chocolatier Willie's Cacao. Through our partnership, we will be offering our customers some of the best handmade artisan chocolates available in the UK at an exclusive and competitive price.

We've been paying close attention to the efficacy of luxury event gifting and firmly believe Willie Cacao's brand can help us maximise our customers end of event experience. As British Indian's, we understand the importance of lasting impressions. By working with Willie's Cacao, we can now help exceed your guest's expectations by offering a small thank you gift or after-dinner treat.

Willie's Cacao provides a wide selection of chocolates and truffles using the finest Cacoa beans in the world. From their 1,000 acre farm in Venezuela to their chocolate factory in the UK, every process is optimised to bring the most authentic and mouthwatering bean-to-bar experience possible.

However, aside from superior taste and quality, we love the ethics of the brand. Willie's Cacao pay their farmers directly, exceeding fair trade's minimum wage for workers. At The 29 States, we recognise and appreciate the work that goes into food production from CEO to farmer. For us, it is extremely important to work with brands that share our ethos, values and morals the way Willie's do.

The founder, Willie Harcourt-Cooze is fondly remembered for his two TV series Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory and The Chocolate Revolution on Channel 4. Since then, Willie's Cacoa has been made available in 23 countries, holding a reputation as one of the best chocolatiers in the country. We can't wait to offer our customers these incredible artisan chocolates for any of their special occasions. However, if you're keen to try their range beforehand, you can find them in Selfridges, Waitrose, Ocado or Caffè Nero.

We look forward to working with Willie's Cacao and hope this reciprocates with our customers!

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