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We here at The 29 States view food as art. Art in presentation, art in taste and art in experience. From the delicate layers of traditional Indian spices to the deliberate choices in tones and textures, we aim to create a culinary experience like no other.


With 29 States, 22 official languages and 1,652 dialects, it's no surprise India offers such a wide variety of cuisines. By combining our executive chefs vast experience of the Indian subcontinent, The 29 States aims to bring you an authentic taste from the valleys and peaks across India. Through careful deliberation, we strive to encapsulate the many traditional elements from across the 29 states into a simple and well-defined menu.


Our journey begins in the Northern region of Uttar Pradesh where our head chef spent most of her early years. Being the most populous state of India, the vast array of culinary choices available satisfied even the pickiest of appetites. This introduced our chef to a variety of world-famous dishes including flat-breads and Awadhi inspired curry's.


After moving to the small town of Wellington in Tamil Nadu, our chef was able to experience India in a completely new setting. Located in India's most Southern region, the state of Tamil Nadu offers a cuisine far from that of its neighbouring regions. Tamil Nadu is famous for its choice of vegetarian dishes. Whether it be a spicy masala dosa served on a banana leaf, a mild fish curry resting on a bed of rice or crispy banana fritters served with sweet & sour chutneys. South India has something for everyone.  With such a wide and unique food culture, our chef was able to better understand the fabric behind creating such well-balanced food.


Our chefs next chapter led her to the Eastern region of Assam situated south of the Himalayas. Famous for its tea plantations, Assam also boasts distinct flavours marked by its Bengali influences. Although Assamese cuisine differs heavily from the pallets of British Indians, it gave our chef time to indulge in the benefits of offering more creative food choices.


Having also visited areas of Mumbai, Jammu and Haryana, our chefs final retreat led her to arguably the most world-famous state of Indian, Punjab. Punjab is rich in cultivating lands and has traditionally been an agrarian society since the time of the ancient Harappan civilisation. The land of Punjab also boats an ideal climate for growing wheat and is often referred to as the 'Granary of India'. These innate characteristic have given our chef access in understanding the importance of retaining quality and taste throughout the cooking process.


Throughout our journey across India, we have been able to witness first-hand the difference between good and great cooking. Fresh ingredients. Passion and creativity. Consistency. These are things we value highly at The 29 States and believe are key in making our customers happy. By paying special attention to evolution, flavour choices and cooking methods we aim to deliver a culinary experience like no other.

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