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Brand Partnership: The 29 States X White Rhino Brewing Co.

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with India’s first craft ale company, White Rhino Brewing! Through this partnership, we will be offering our customers a selection of great-tasting IPA’s and lagers, both of which are brewed and bottled in the heart of India.

What's better than ordering and enjoying one of The 29 States many mouthwatering dishes? Enjoying that dish with the best Indian beer on the market! When it comes to choosing partners, we are extremely picky about what we look for. Through our own products, we strive to deliver excellence and this is no different for the companies we work with.

White Rhino Brewing was founded in 2016, with the aim of bringing both quality and variety to the Indian beer market. The brewery is situated in Malanpur, just a few hours from India's capital Dehli. The company have optimised each component of this facility to meet its high standards and expectations, with the brewhouse engineered in the US and the kegging and bottling machinery manufactured in the Czech Republic.

They have produced three fantastic tasting beers for the international market: the lager, the pale ale and the IPA. By cultivating some of the best ingredients from around the world, including the highest quality hops from Europe, the US and India, White Rhino aim to bring customers the best grain to glass beer possible! Not only are we impressed with White Rhino's products, but the company's brand, ethos and origins resonate strongly with us here at The 29 States.

Over the past month, we've been testing each beverage against our most popular dishes. The IPA is a well-balanced, aromatic IPA dry-hopped with Cascade and Mosaic. When choosing an IPA for Indian food, it is extremely important that the flavours do not overpower the food but instead work in harmony. This helps to make every bite and every sip enjoyable. Hence, with an extensive (and fun) tasting session, we matched this IPA with our fiery Chicken Tikka Masala. A match, truly, truly, made in heaven 👌.

Our favourite matching of the session was however with our Bhel Chaat, the easy-drinking Helles-style lager complimented the spicy and punchy flavours of the Chaat perfectly. Not only was each sip of the lager refreshing but it also held a light yet pleasant aftertaste. Those who love Chaat know that things can get a little hot sometimes 😅, however, the lagers ability to quickly soothen the pallet works great with this dish.

We thought we'd give you a quick snapshot into some of our tasting session, which as you can imagine was very enjoyable. We can't wait to share some of these pairings with you guys! So, if you're looking to really captivate the essence of Indian food, drink and hospitality during your special event (and really put a smile on your guest's faces), we believe White Rhino makes the perfect beverage choice when ordering any of our dishes.

We look forward to working with White Rhino Brewing Co and we hope this reciprocates with our customers! If you're interested in finding out more from our taster session, White Rhino's beverages or what we would recommend, send us an email at!

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