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500 Meals for Key Workers

Updated: May 21, 2020

As many of you know, during the coronavirus outbreak we wanted to do something positive for our community. Thereafter, we sat down with the team to brainstorm ways we could bring a smile to the people of Coventry. Subsequently, that evening, we set our goal of delivering 350 free meals to key workers in our area.

Just over 4 weeks later, we're delighted to say we absolutely smashed that target! We've been able to deliver just over 500 meals to the CWPT Nurses, Paramedics, Mercedes-Benz, Joe Richards, Myton Hospice, Coventry Building Society, Doctors Surgeries, Pharmacies, Firemen, Royal Mail and Bin Men of Coventry. At times like these, personal, professional and social pressures can be paramount and so we are extremely thankful to be able to do something nice for our community. It's no surprise that food and happiness are highly correlated, so what better way to reward those who work so hard to keep our community up and running!

We hope that people around the world continue to keep solidarity during this time of global crisis, supporting each other in any way possible. Thank you to Dhaliwal's Supermarket in Coventry for their contribution towards this effort of delivering meals. We hope to continue to deliver meals throughout this period to anyone in need or struggle. We wanted to also say a big thank you to Coventry City Council for the kind words below. #StaySafe #StayHomeSaveLives

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